How to use a piezo transducer as a tactile switch

If you ever need a robust button for your next project you should really consider using a piezoelectric crystal as a main component. Piezo crystal has a property to generate voltage when mechanical force is applied by bending it, striking or even touching. This crystal is also used in car alarms as a vibration sensor.

In order to turn on a relay or have a transistor output to control some other electronic device, you need to build a debouncer circuit and also to prolong short bursts of impulse coming from piezo. The crystal is simply connected to a base of NPN transistor that will open when piezo generates enough voltage. This impulse if then fed into the NE555 which is in monostable configuration and it will issue a 1 second pulse after being triggered. How cool is that!

piezo sensor as tactile switch

piezo sensor as tactile switch

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Yes it is!

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hi, i want to make a drumset for pc, is it possible to use this to detect the hits on the drums and send it to a pc keyboard controller ?

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Opsednut sam ovim tekstovima jer mogu mnogo da naucim!

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