Title Short description Rate Download
Antenna length calculator Software for calculation of antenna length for required frequency. 2.81 7,766
Digital oscilloscope Uses sound card as input device. 2.91 12,694
Frequency Counter Uses sound card as signal input device. 2.80 5,735
LPT Stuph controller Control your LPT port with this primitive software. 2.84 3,762
PCB Designer Program for drawing PCBs. 2.84 19,118
PDUSpy Program to work with SMS messages in PDU format. 2.83 4,513
Serial Port NG Very useful RS232 terminal software. 2.84 6,883
Sine Wave Generator Signal generation using sound card. 2.83 4,609
SmartLab Odličan program za rad sa smart karticama (recimo telefonskim). 2.88 6,264
Win Scope Uses sound card as input device. 2.85 5,269


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