Title Short description
1.5 V FM bug v2 A little fm bug on 1.5 V, of a bit better construction.
450mW FM bug 450mW FM bug with two transistors.
8W FM PLL transmitter with LCD display Very good FM transmitter.
Band 3 TV transmitter VHF (ch 5 - 12) TV transmitter.
CC1101 RF modem + 250mW amplifier CC1101 RF transceiver for ISM 868-920MHz with 1/4W range extender (RF amplifier).
CW transmitter Transmitter for CW with RF power of 1W.
CW transmitter 250mW and 3W linear PA for 7 MHz CW transmitter and linear power amplifier for 7 MHz.
Complete stereo transmitter Stereo transmitter, 200mW of RF power.
FM bug 3x Three FM bugs on 3V and 9V.
FM bug v5 Ekstra small spy bug.
FM bug v6 Great FM bug, small dimensions. Works at 3V!
FM transmitter 200mW FM transmitter 200mW.
FM transmitter 50-300mW Quality FM transmitter with adjustable RF power of 50-300mW.
Mini video transmitter Miniature video transmitter with 100m of range.
Miniature FM transmitter Small FM transmitter.
Nice FM bug FM transmitter - bug.
PLL bug transmitter Great little transmitter controlled with PLL.
QRP linear PA for 300 KHz to 30 MHz QRP linear power amplifier.
RF TV amplifier Amplifier for RF TV signal.
RF amplifier 6-7W RF amplifier, in 600mW out 6-7W with 2SC1971.

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