Title Short description
AM radio receiver AM radio receiver.
Antenna BIG-J for 145 MHz (2m) Big J antenna, gains of J antennas and a few more pieces of information.
Antenna J for 440 MHz (70cm) J antenna, very simple, for 440 MHz (70cm).
Antenna for 7 to 30 MHz Antenna for 7 to 30 MHz.
CW transmitter 250mW and 3W linear PA for 7 MHz CW transmitter and linear power amplifier for 7 MHz.
Cordless phone receiver v2 Receiver for cordless telephones with a chip from a cordless phone.
Crystal radio receiver v2 Radio receiver without power supply.
DTMF RF remote DTMF remote over radio waves.
Extra mini FM spy bug on 1.5V Yet another FM spy bug (but better) 88-109.5 MHz.
FM bug 3x Three FM bugs on 3V and 9V.
FM bug v5 Ekstra small spy bug.
FM bug v6 Great FM bug, small dimensions. Works at 3V!
FM receiver Mini FM receiver with TDA7000 IC.
FM transmitter 15W with EL34 FM transmitter with EL34 tube or PL504 tube, 15W of RF power.
FM transmitter 200mW FM transmitter 200mW.
FM transmitter 3W 3W FM transmitter 88-108 MHz.
GSM sniffer Locate a GSM phone.
Linear power amplifier for 433 MHz Linear power amplifier for 433 MHz with two transistors.
Nice FM bug FM transmitter - bug.
RDS decoder RDS signal decoder.

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