Title Short description
AtMega8 board AtMega8 beginner? This might help...
CNC with AT90S1200 It uses unipolar motors from 5.25" floppy drive.
Darkroom timer for PCB exposure Excellent darkroom timer for PCB exposure based on ATtiny2313 and 7-seg. LED displays.
LED display with Atmel microcontroller LED display with AT90S8535 controlled with PC keyboard.
Mobile robot platform v1 Mobile robot platform with GPS, Digital compass, Atmega48P/88P/168P/328P and 2 x MC33886 H-bridge controllers.
Reverse GeoCaching - GeoGame v1 Reverse GeoCaching box with Atmel AVR - GeoGame.
Warm Tube Clock v1 - Nixie Clock Modular Nixie Clock with 4 tubes and RGB LEDs - open source hardware.
Warm Tube Clock v2 - Nixie Clock New version of modular Nixie Clock with 4 tubes and RGB LEDs - now with DS3231 (DS3232) RTC IC - open source hardware.
Word Clock A clock that tells time with words. Parts used: ATmega168P/328P, DS3231/DS3232 RTC, AT42QT1011 capacitive touch sensor and MAX7219 dot matrix driver.


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