Title Short description
1.5 V FM bug v2 A little fm bug on 1.5 V, of a bit better construction.
Crystal controlled FM bug Yet another FM bug controller with crystal.
Extra mini FM spy bug on 1.5V Yet another FM spy bug (but better) 88-109.5 MHz.
FM bug 0.5W Schematics of a stronger FM bug, 500mW of RF power at 9V.
FM bug 420-480 MHz Little FM bug on 420-480 MHz made out of Nokia parts.
FM bug v2 FM bug.
FM bug v4 Strong and stable FM transmitter. Can be built as a bug.
Small bug on 1.5V battery Stable and very small transmitter, 500 hours with AA battery.
Spy bug in a pen Small and narrowed FM transmitter at 12V.
Stronger bug Stronger bug and simple to build.


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