Title Short description
10W audio amplifier Audio amplifier for car-radio 10W with TDA2003.
20kW audio amplifier Audio amplifier 20000W.
240 MOS amplifier Audio amplifier with MOSFET transistors, suitable for Woofer.
Active electronic protection for sound box This device is used as a protection from overpower that can exist at the output of the amplifier.
Amplifier 130W max Amplifier 130W max at 2 ohms, final stage with BDW83C i BDW84C.
Audio amplifier 1.5W Audio amplifier 1.5W at 12V.
Audio amplifier 100W Amplifier ideal for use as an instrument amplifier or for hi-fi applications.
Audio amplifier 10W Audio amplifier 10W with transistors.
Audio amplifier 2x100W Audio amplifier 2x100W with TDA7250 and 2N3055.
Audio amplifier 2x6W Audio amplifier 2x6W with TDA2615.
Audio amplifier 4x80W Amplifier 4x80W with TDA7560.
Audio amplifier 50W with 2N3055 Audio amplifier 50W with 2N3055 and LM741. Schematics of equalizer is also included.
Audio amplifier 80W Audio amplifier 80W using LM3875.
Audio communication over mains 220V Audio communicator over mains power network - 220V.
Audio mixer Audio mixer with 3 channels.
Audio pickup from phone line Picks-up audio signal when near a phone that is in use.
Complete audio amplifier 150W Quality audio amplifier schematics and all side-circuits for it's proper operation.
Complete stereo transmitter Stereo transmitter, 200mW of RF power.
LED VU-meter LED VU-meter using opAmps.
Skype GSM Gateway v1 Need to stay in touch with your friends and family when traveling abroad? Big roaming bills kill you? - if so, then this is a solution for your problems.


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