Title Short description
GSM AT commands AT commands for Siemens (S25). Commands are identical to most other GSM phones.
GSM SMS alarm GSM SMS alarm - module with 5 inputs/sensors.
GSM controller v1
GSM controller v2 GSM kontroler v3 aka TwoWay Thing - control 4 appliances and check the state of 4 sensors.
PDU format of SMS Sending SMS messages, PDU format, protocol, characteristics.
PDUSpy Program to work with SMS messages in PDU format.
SMS Box project This device acts as interface between your microcontroller project and a GSM phone. It handles all modem data communication between the GSM phone and your micro-project. The best thing is that it decodes PDU into TEXT on the fly!
SMS alarm - by Pance SMS Alarm witn GSM phone Ericsson T10.
SMS controller with AT90S2313 Control your appliances via SMS messages with AT90S2313 and Ericsson GSM.
Skype GSM Gateway v1 Need to stay in touch with your friends and family when traveling abroad? Big roaming bills kill you? - if so, then this is a solution for your problems.
Tiny GSM alarm system GSM based Call and SMS alarm system that can operate standalone or as a GSM alerter module to existing alarm system.


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