Title Short description
Audio pickup from phone line Picks-up audio signal when near a phone that is in use.
Caller ID and ring generator Uses AT90S1200 and generates FSK tones Bell 202 standard for communication and caller id.
Cordless phone receiver v1 Very good schematics for cordless telephone receiver 30-50 MHz.
Cordless phone receiver v2 Receiver for cordless telephones with a chip from a cordless phone.
Phone recorder Entire system for recording telephone conversations to .mp3, using USB audio pickup and a PC.
Phoneline controller v2 Control your appliances over PSTN phone line.
Smart telephone light Turns on lights when phone rings and if in dark.
Telephone exchange with 2 numbers Small telephone exchange with 2 numbers.
Telephone line recorder v1 A device that turns-on voice recorder automatically and taps to the phone line.


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