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Quote: "Very compact microphone transmitter, 100 MHz. Shoud fit on 1x1 cm PCB! Tuning: basically done by adjusting the ferrite core. To adjust the range bend the coil. The  BC547 is used as an amplifying varicap. So it is actually drawn right! The antenna is a piece of wire, use any length, but 1/8 wavelength may work better. Range achieved in plain view can be around 100 meter."

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Date: 29-03-2004

Lokalna verzija ove stranice: FM bubica v5


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comment [7]

Ljudi jel neko napravio ovo? Jel radi? Koje su to veličine otpornika i ostalih dijelova? sam piše 150, 10N itd.

comment [6]

ako ima neko u bih da to pravi neka se javi na mail IP:

comment [5]

Gore od ovog komentara jedno 15cm :) imas tekst gdje pise: Fajlovi sheme. Ispod imas numerisane fajlove pa ih klikni. Omoguci popup prozore da iskacu za ovu stranicu! Ako si blokirao popup prozore - nema nista od shema :)

comment [4]

jel moze neko da mi kaze kako se skidaju ove seme????

comment [3]

Gdje da spojim minus od baterije i gdje da spojim one 4 žice (valjda GND)?

comment [2]

Zavojnica ti je 6 namotaja žice debljine 1 mm na promjeru debljine 4 mm.

comment [1]

Kak da napravim ovu zavojnicu?

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