Title Short description Rate Download
AVR programmer v1 Very simple programmer. 2.77 4,340
AVR programmer v2 Programmer for AT90Sxxxx. 2.84 2,629
AVR programmer v3 WinAVR and TWinAVR programmer + software. 2.91 4,033
AllPic programmer Microchip programmer in 8, 18, 28 i 40-pin packaging including eeprom series 24cXX. 2.96 38,692
AtMega8 board AtMega8 beginner? This might help... 2.88 4,025
Atmel ISP programmer Supports: AT89LS53, AT89LS8252, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S825X. 2.90 3,636
Connecting two LEDs on a single uC pin v1 How to connect two LEDs on a single microcontroller pin. 2.84 1,435
Connecting two LEDs on a single uC pin v2 How to connect two LEDs on a single microcontroller pin. 2.76 1,245
EasyPIC3 hardware patch Hardware patch for EasyPIC3 for re-programming chips with internal oscillator and no MCLR pin. 2.90 1,910
Electronic combination lock with AT89c2051 Electronic lock with microcontroller (Atmel 89c2051 2kb). 2.91 5,676
Electronic dice Electronic dice based on Atmel AT89C2051, 7-seg display, Bascom. 2.92 2,593
Electronic lock with keypad with PIC Electronic lock with matrix keypad 4x3 and PIC16F84(A). 2.95 5,949
Funky PIC16F84 programmer The simplest PIC16F84(A) programmer on the planet!? 2.90 9,301
JDM programmer for PIC Great programmer for PIC microcontrollers. 2.88 4,574
LED display with Atmel microcontroller LED display with AT90S8535 controlled with PC keyboard. 2.97 15,454

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