/Schematics/Remote control

Title Short description Rate Download
DTMF RF remote DTMF remote over radio waves. 2.86 4,601
IR jammer v1 Good and tested device for jamming any kind of IR communication. 2.90 3,582
IR jammer v2 A device that jams any IR communication (TV remote blocker). 2.91 3,407
IR laser light detector Universal IR laser light detector. 2.92 3,802
IR light dimmer with PIC IR light dimmer compatible with most remotes found in home. 2.90 11,156
IR receiver for PC IR serial receiver for remotes from BUG magazine. 2.87 5,031
IR remote switch IR remote switch circuit. 2.83 9,267
IR remote tester Test your IR remotes. 2.87 3,217
IR remote with PIC microcontroller Great schematics, it even includes WinAmp plugin. 2.91 8,364
IR switch with flip-flop IR switch with flip-clop circuit. Very practical. 2.88 4,063
IrDA adapter with photo diode IrDa adapter with infra-red and photo diode. 2.86 2,627
IrDA adapter-module IrDA adapter with TFDU4100 from Nokia phone. 2.89 1,622
IrDA module with TFDS4500 IrDa adapter for mainboards with 5 pins for IrDA. 2.82 1,711
IrDA receiver IrDA receiver for serial port. 2.88 3,438
RF remote with PIC microcontroller RF remote control with PIC microcontroller. 2.89 6,063


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