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Title Short description Rate Download
5V and 3.3V from USB port How to get 5 i 3.3 Volts from USB port. 2.86 4,463
Automatic battery charger Smart scooter battery charger with TLC271. 2.86 24,287
Automatic emergency light Automatic emergency light with charger and automatic light switch. 2.88 8,372
Battery charge indicator LED based battery charge indicator. 2.83 5,990
Battery chargers Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd battery charger schematics and theory about charging them. 2.83 6,720
Car battery voltage indicator Car battery voltage indicator with LED. 2.87 6,523
Electronic fuse - DC filter Electronic fuse circuit, it can be used as DC filter (low pass filter). 2.81 2,604
High voltage power source for HeNe lasers Power inverter from 12V to 2,5kV for HeNe lasers. 2.79 2,267
Kirlian HV power source Kirlian HV power source. 2.86 1,795
Lead-acid accumulator charger A device that maintains specific voltage across lead acid battery by switching charger ON/OFF. 2.85 9,710
Li-Ion button cell battery charger Charges Li-Ion button cell batteries. 2.92 3,700
Linear power regulator Linear power regulator. 2.90 4,892
Mobile AT power supply Mobile AT power supply for car PC installation. 2.79 3,072
NiCd battery charger v1 NiCd battery charger schematics. 2.84 3,544
NiCd battery charger v2 Another NiCd battery charger. 2.84 3,646

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