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Title Short description Rate Download
Power inverter 12V-220V A very simple power inverter 12V to 220V with astable multivibrator. 2.91 42,416
Automatic battery charger Smart scooter battery charger with TLC271. 2.84 25,360
Power supply 0-24V 1A or 2A Ideal power supply circuit. 2.86 23,341
Regulated power supply 1.27V to 25V Schematics of great power supply with voltage regulation with LM338K (1.27-25V, up to 5A). 2.87 11,621
Lead-acid accumulator charger A device that maintains specific voltage across lead acid battery by switching charger ON/OFF. 2.86 9,992
Power supply with regulation and short-circuit protection Power supply with regulation and short-circuit protection 5A, 20V max. 2.86 9,856
Power inverter 12V-220V 100W Power inverter 12V-220V 100W. 2.80 9,064
Smart battery tester and charger Intelligent battery tester and charger of all types of rechargeable batteries. 2.91 8,754
Automatic emergency light Automatic emergency light with charger and automatic light switch. 2.91 8,549
Power supply 0-15V Regulated power supply in range 0-15V with 2N3055. 2.93 8,113
Smart battery charger Smart battery charger. 2.76 7,567
Triac regulation Regulated power supply with triac and PIC microcontroller. Can be used as a light dimmer. 2.86 6,937
Battery chargers Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd battery charger schematics and theory about charging them. 2.86 6,876
Car battery voltage indicator Car battery voltage indicator with LED. 2.85 6,705
Solar panels All about solar panels, connecting schematics, usage, maintenance... 2.85 6,557

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