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Title Short description Rate Download
Power supply 0-15V Regulated power supply in range 0-15V with 2N3055. 2.93 8,103
Li-Ion button cell battery charger Charges Li-Ion button cell batteries. 2.91 3,839
Power source 13.5kV Power source 13.5kV. 2.91 3,595
Automatic emergency light Automatic emergency light with charger and automatic light switch. 2.91 8,541
Power inverter 12V-220V A very simple power inverter 12V to 220V with astable multivibrator. 2.90 42,386
Smart battery tester and charger Intelligent battery tester and charger of all types of rechargeable batteries. 2.90 8,734
Regulated power supply v2 Laboratory power source with regulation 1.2-12V, fixed 5V and 12V. Current up to 1A. 2.90 5,202
Linear power regulator Linear power regulator. 2.90 4,979
NiCd battery charger v2 Another NiCd battery charger. 2.90 3,745
Simple power supply without regulation Simple power supply without regulation that delivers 12V. 2.89 4,120
Pulsed power supply for lasers Pulses red keychain laser. 2.88 2,439
Regulated power supply 1.27V to 25V Schematics of great power supply with voltage regulation with LM338K (1.27-25V, up to 5A). 2.86 11,604
PC AT power supply Schematics of PC AT power supply. 2.86 2,723
5V and 3.3V from USB port How to get 5 i 3.3 Volts from USB port. 2.86 4,535
Solar battery charger Charges batteries from solar panel's power. 2.86 5,794

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