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Title Short description Rate Download
PC AT power supply Schematics of PC AT power supply. 2.87 2,726
Power inverter 12V-220V A very simple power inverter 12V to 220V with astable multivibrator. 2.91 42,416
Power inverter 12V-220V 100W Power inverter 12V-220V 100W. 2.80 9,064
Power regulator from 12V to 9V Adapter for car cigarette light from 12V to 9V. 2.85 2,208
Power source 13.5kV Power source 13.5kV. 2.91 3,601
Power supply 0-15V Regulated power supply in range 0-15V with 2N3055. 2.93 8,113
Power supply 0-24V 1A or 2A Ideal power supply circuit. 2.86 23,341
Power supply 3-30V 2.5A Regulated power supply. 2.83 4,031
Power supply with regulation and short-circuit protection Power supply with regulation and short-circuit protection 5A, 20V max. 2.86 9,856
Pulsed power supply for lasers Pulses red keychain laser. 2.89 2,441
Regulated power supply 1.27V to 25V Schematics of great power supply with voltage regulation with LM338K (1.27-25V, up to 5A). 2.87 11,621
Regulated power supply v1 Regulated power supply 1.5-22V. 2.82 4,366
Regulated power supply v2 Laboratory power source with regulation 1.2-12V, fixed 5V and 12V. Current up to 1A. 2.91 5,208
Simple power supply without regulation Simple power supply without regulation that delivers 12V. 2.89 4,122
Smart battery charger Smart battery charger. 2.76 7,567

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