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Title Short description Rate Download
Object counter Object counter circuit. 2.94 2,261
One-second clock signal source Generating a 1-second clock signal with a crystal. 2.94 898
Oscilloscope for win v2.51 Oscilloscope for PC using a sound-card. 2.90 3,904
PC controller Control relays via PC LPT parallel port. 2.92 3,225
PC monitor radiation measurement This device measures PC's monitor radiation according to MPR-II and MPR-III standard. 2.92 1,638
Phase loss protection Device that provides a protection when one out of three phases are lost. 2.96 3,667
Quiz game switches Three switches for a quiz game. 2.88 2,500
RDS decoder RDS signal decoder. 2.95 1,805
RDS decoder with ATtiny2313 RDS decoder with ATtiny2313 and TDA7330B RDS decoder-chip. 2.90 1,339
RS232 serial interface Cable for connecting Siemens S25 to a PC's serial port. Universal RS232 interface. 2.94 2,368
Rain detector Rain or water detector. 2.89 3,580
Schmitt triger Schmitt triger as a filter. 2.89 794
Short circuit detector Detects open and short circuit conditions. 2.85 3,914
Signal generator Device that generates signal based on RC values. 2.90 1,885
Simple blinker Schematics of a simple light blinker. 2.83 2,404

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