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Title Short description Rate Download
Electroscope A device that detects static charge. 2.94 1,061
Intersection setup with 2 traffic lights Intersection/crossroad setup with 2 traffic lights controller with LPT port. 2.94 4,247
GSM sniffer Locate a GSM phone. 2.92 36,541
Heads or tails v1 Electronic heads or tails game. 2.92 1,072
RDS decoder RDS signal decoder. 2.92 1,763
Antiradar RF Car radar detector circuit. 2.92 29,361
Sound/light effect for toys Detects light and generates sound effects for toys. 2.91 1,908
Phase loss protection Device that provides a protection when one out of three phases are lost. 2.91 3,636
One-second clock signal source Generating a 1-second clock signal with a crystal. 2.91 882
RS232 serial interface Cable for connecting Siemens S25 to a PC's serial port. Universal RS232 interface. 2.90 2,357
Electronic fish luire Electronic fish luire circuit. 2.90 5,429
Object counter Object counter circuit. 2.90 2,251
Autodiagnostics Auto diagnostics VAG-COM, interface and a sample program. 2.90 7,886
Static charge detector Detects static charge and IONs. 2.89 1,713
Geiger counter v3 Very good Geiger counter. It uses GM tube. 2.89 1,548

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