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Title Short description Rate Download
Intersection setup with 2 traffic lights Intersection/crossroad setup with 2 traffic lights controller with LPT port. 2.94 4,247
KL interface for car diagnostics Schematics for KL interface for car diagnostics. 2.85 3,581
LED signal level display Device uses MAX924 IC. 2.86 1,740
Level detector Level detector with photo transistor. 2.81 2,240
Lie detector v1 Very simple lie detector. 2.84 5,538
Lie detector v2 Lie detector that measures skin resistance. 2.86 3,321
Low frequency clock signal source Low frequency clock signal source. 2.85 841
MOS FET oscillator Professional version of uncontrolled oscillator with MOS FET. 2.78 1,270
Master Clock driver for antique slave clocks Master clock for big old clocks with impulse motor. 2.82 522
Matchless metal locator Terrific detector and locator for metal objects with dual NE555. 2.78 3,565
Metal detector/seeker Metal detector circuit. 2.88 8,965
Metal seeker Metal seeker. 2.83 3,675
Mosquitos Mosquito repellent, one circuit and a sound-card mosquito repellent software for win and linux. 2.86 9,194
Motor speed controller Regulation of motor speed for low voltage motors. 2.86 5,063
Negative ION generator Negative ION generator. 2.85 2,241

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