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Title Short description Rate Download
Elektro-shocker with NE555 10-15kV Electro-shocker 10-15kV with NE555 at 12V. 2.87 10,545
Event counter Event counter with 7 segment display. 2.82 2,183
Frequency meter Frequency meter using PC. 2.88 3,751
GSM phone ring detection This device will blink LED just before GSM phone will ring. 2.86 3,573
GSM sniffer Locate a GSM phone. 2.92 36,539
Geiger counter v1 Beta and Gamma ray detector with a neon-tube. 2.79 1,933
Geiger counter v2 Geiger coutner with GM tube. 2.82 1,105
Geiger counter v3 Very good Geiger counter. It uses GM tube. 2.89 1,548
Generation of square wave signals Generation of square wave signals with NE555 (blinking an LED) - 4 schematics. 2.82 1,394
HALO card emulator HALO card emulator - HR. 2.87 2,766
Heads or tails v1 Electronic heads or tails game. 2.92 1,072
Heads or tails v2 Heads or tails with NE555. 2.86 488
Heat detector using NE555 and diode Heat detector using NE555 and a diode. 2.83 3,535
Infrared switch IR led and diode switch. 2.85 3,447
Inteligent switch Inteligent switch circuit. 2.83 2,955

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