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Title Short description Rate Download
GSM sniffer Locate a GSM phone. 2.92 36,541
Antiradar RF Car radar detector circuit. 2.92 29,361
Elektro-shocker with NE555 10-15kV Electro-shocker 10-15kV with NE555 at 12V. 2.87 10,546
Mosquitos Mosquito repellent, one circuit and a sound-card mosquito repellent software for win and linux. 2.86 9,194
Metal detector/seeker Metal detector circuit. 2.88 8,965
Electro shocker 380V Electro shocker 380V from a camera. 2.87 8,344
Acustic clap switch Control your appliance with a clap of your hands. 2.84 7,970
Autodiagnostics Auto diagnostics VAG-COM, interface and a sample program. 2.90 7,886
Electronic thermostat Elektronski termostat with a diode. 2.84 5,603
Lie detector v1 Very simple lie detector. 2.84 5,538
Electronic fish luire Electronic fish luire circuit. 2.90 5,429
Clap switch v1 Clap switch in flip-flop fashion. 2.85 5,115
Motor speed controller Regulation of motor speed for low voltage motors. 2.86 5,063
Digital voltmeter Voltmetar with a single IC ICL7129ACPL A/D converter. 2.85 4,756
CNC with AT90S1200 It uses unipolar motors from 5.25" floppy drive. 2.86 4,460

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