IR light dimmer v2 published

This is a modification of my simple IR light dimmer v1 that you should also check out. Modification is mostly in hardware so that dimmer does not require both phase and neutral wires to operate. I am releasing source code for this v2 version for you to modify and have fun!

How this device works is pretty cool, it powers itself from the mains through the load (usually a light bulb but it can also be a resistive heating element). The way it turns the load ON is by short-circuiting its own power supply! You can control it with your own TV remote controller - all you need is 4 spare buttons (usually those used for Teletext so that they don't interfere with normal TV usage).


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Hvala, isto zelim i tebi takodje :-) Eh, ja sam pored dimera ugradio malu LED-icu sa PIR senzorom pa kad po noci hodamo po sobi ona se automatski ukljuci da ne udaramo nogama od krevet :)
IP: n/a

comment [5]

Tacno sam znao. Isto je i sa mnom. Kad sam se ozenio i dobio djecu hobby - ćaos.Tvoj dimmer sam i ugradio u djeciju sobu da u noći mozemo bauljati po sobi a da ne budimo djecu. Neka su ti djeca ziva u zdrava u neka ti se brak sastoji od ljubavi i povjerenja.
IP: n/a

comment [4]

Jesam vala i prosirio porodicu :)
IP: n/a

comment [3]

Aj,valjda si se oženio u medjuvremenu :-)
IP: n/a

comment [2]

A sta da ti kazem, upao sam u kolotecinu zivota :) Imam nekih projekata odradjenih ali nisu za web stranicu tako da... sta je - tu je :) Pozdrav!!!
IP: n/a

comment [1]

Napokon...nesta si se "ulijenio" u poslednje vrijeme. Navikli smo se na mnogo češće objave. Prethodni IR dimmer je perfektan, evo, vjerujem peta godina radi bez problema. Za tih 5 godina 4 sijalice ni jednom ne stradase-soft start radi perfektno. Ziv bio.
IP: n/a

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