LED lightbulb mod

You must admit that this is pretty unusuall situation - LED in a lightbulb, and it's all powered from mains. Old lightbulb was degutted and replaced with two LEDs in anti-parallel connection, with a capacitor and resistor in series. This resistor with capacitor is used to limit current through LEDs. Two LEDs were filed down to half-size and glued together to form a single LED. This step probably is not necessary but it looks cool this way.

Please bear in mind that this device is powered from mains, so it requires a lot of respect when testing.

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Jeste za 115V, ali radice i na 220V bez problema :) Za svaki slucaj, krenuti sa otpornikom 2k. Sto se kondenzatora tice, moze i 0,39uF / 275V.
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Da, to je ona Americka uticnica :)
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Zar nije ovo za napajanje s 115V AC ? (kondenzator je 200V pa mi je zato cudno)
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