/Schematics/Audio devices

Title Short description Rate Download
Electronic whistle Electronic whistle using any OpAmp. 2.84 2,194
FSK demodulator with MC13155 FSK demodulator with MC13155. 2.84 893
Fuzz effect Guitar fuzz effect. 2.45 3,545
IR audio receiver Receiver for IR audio modulated signal. 2.84 1,671
Interphone v1 Interphone - intercom. 2.82 3,775
Interphone v2 Another version of intercom. 2.86 4,963
LED blinker with audio indication Circuit that blinks LED and beeps at the same time. 2.83 4,126
LM3886 single chip 68W amplifier LM3886 single chip 68w amplifier. 2.85 2,322
Laser diode audio transmitter Laser diode audio transmitter with NE555. 2.92 2,127
M250 audio amplifier Audio amplifier with 4x MJ15024 and 4x MJ15025. 2.81 3,217
MOSFET amplifier IRF540 MOSFET amplifier (modified Citation 12 MOSFET by N. Pass Labs). 2.89 5,430
Marshall Lead 1959 amplifier Marshall Lead 100W audio amplifier. 2.87 4,151
Megaphone at 9V Amplifier for megaphone operating at 9V. 2.85 1,701
Metronome v1 Metronome, tick-tick. 2.83 1,062
Metronome v2 Metronome with NE555. 2.78 771

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