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Title Short description Rate Download
Metronome v3 Another version of metronom with NE555. 2.82 977
Microphone amplifier with parabolic plate Audio microphone amplifier with parabolic plate. 2.87 2,176
Mini buzzer at 12V Mini buzzer at 12V. 2.83 4,068
Mini megaphone/amplifier with 2 transistors Mini megaphone/amplifier with 2 transistors. 2.83 2,319
Morse code practice keyer v1 Simple Morse-code practice oscillator. 2.81 1,177
Morse code practice keyer v2 Practice your morse-code with this circuit. 2.85 905
Mosfet audio amplifier 200W/350W Mosfet audio amplifier 200W at 8 ohms, 350W at 4 ohms. 2.85 7,743
Mosfet audio amplifier 350W MOSFET audio amplifier 200/350W. 2.87 5,952
Noise generator Noise generator using zener diode. 2.88 1,596
Oneway IR audio link Oneway IR audio link, transmitter and a receiver. 2.90 2,589
Preamplifier with ECC82 Great high quality preamplifier. 2.85 2,812
RIAA phono amplifier RIAA phono amplifier for amplification of signal picked-up with a crystal. 2.85 1,043
Reproduction and sound recording using PIC Reproduction and sound recording using PIC and BTC algorithm. 2.85 2,707
Simple FSK modulator Simple FSK modulator. 2.95 1,855
Siren at 3V Nice little siren operating at 3V. 2.87 2,285

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