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Title Short description Rate Download
Audio amplifier 2x6W Audio amplifier 2x6W with TDA2615. 2.90 2,691
Audio amplifier 4x80W Amplifier 4x80W with TDA7560. 2.80 6,214
Audio amplifier 50W with 2N3055 Audio amplifier 50W with 2N3055 and LM741. Schematics of equalizer is also included. 2.86 11,046
Audio amplifier 5W Audio amplifier 5W using LM383. 2.80 2,664
Audio amplifier 60W with TDA7294 Mono audio amplifier 60W with TDA7294. 2.80 6,336
Audio amplifier 80W Audio amplifier 80W using LM3875. 2.83 18,943
Audio amplifier with TDA1514A Quality and reliable amplifier with TDA1514A. 2.83 12,505
Audio communication over mains 220V Audio communicator over mains power network - 220V. 2.83 8,393
Audio message recorder Audio message recorder using Information Storage Device - ISD integrated circuit. 2.89 1,315
Audio mixer Audio mixer with 3 channels. 2.85 4,543
Audio splitter Schematics of three-system active audio splitter for 60W speakers. 2.85 3,670
Classic transistor amplifier 250W Classic transistor amplifier 250W with complementary pair 2SC-2SA. 2.98 8,999
Complete audio amplifier 150W Quality audio amplifier schematics and all side-circuits for it's proper operation. 2.92 21,579
Dual tone signal generation Dual tone signal generation with PIC17C42. 2.89 953
Electronic stethoscope Schematics for electronic stethoscope. 2.85 2,000

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