GSM Phone Jammer Circuit Schematics

Here is a very simple plan to make a "dirty transmitter" that is also known as Cell Phone Jammer.

It is based on NE555 as simple noise-maker whose output is fed to a single transistor oscillator. The oscillator is designed to operate between 800MHz and 2GHz which happens to be the frequency span used for GSM phones. The frequency of operation is set with a trim-capacitor.

The battery should last no longer than 1 hour and the range of jamming is around 10-15 feet.

cell phone jammer circuit schematics
© Laszlo Kirschner

[ Source: Laszlo Kirschner ]

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Ovaj bi do 30 metara, a ovaj drugi bi da mu neko javlja na mail. Ne budite lijeni i dokoni vec semu u ruke i konstruisite a ovom prvom preporucujem modifikaciju parametara seme i vece napajanje svakako.

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Postovani dali ima neka jaca sema da blokira mobi signal u precniku do 20-30m, molim za pomoc neko ko ima nek je objavi ili nek mije posalje na mejl.
IP: n/a

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IP: n/a

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