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After putting together this little device, you must enter programming-mode to learn some phone numbers which this module will call after detecting an input on it's sensor pin.

After programming just supply power to the device. After pressing the button "Pokreni dojavu alarma" it will start to dial (tone or pulse, depending on the jumper setup). When the phone call is succesfully established, the called party should press pound key "#" to stop the device from calling another number or again.

UPDATE: Source code is now available for download!


You should put a sensor instead of button "Pokreni dojavu alarma".

Programming the numbers

- press the "program" button
- pick up the phone that is connected to the same phone-line as this device
- punch-in first number and then "*" key
- punch-in then next number and then "*" key
- punch-in the rest of numbers, if more, and finalise with "*#" (example: 061123123*061456456*#)

Please note: The device will learn 64 characters/digits including * and # keys.


Author (sent by): Trax

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Date: 17-02-2007

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comment [67]

Stavi promjenljivi otpornik od 100k umjesto tog fiksnog na pin-u 2. Isto to uradi sa otpornikom od 10k koji je na pin-u 8. Neki od tih otpornika ti ne odgovaraju pa ih moras nastimati.
IP: n/a

comment [66]

Pozdrav Napravio sam ovaj projekt prosle godine i jako sam zahvalan na njemu,sve je radilo kako treba. Od nekog dana imam problem sta nemogu vise da poništim alarm sa #,te nemogu programirati nove brojeve (kad stisnem program ledica se upali ali ne treperi kod unosa broja)provao sa slusalicom na nogu 2 od MT8880 i cuju se DTMF tonovi. Molio bi za pomoc. Hvala

comment [65]

I have changed a 10nf capacitor for 100nf one and now is working well. Thank you anyway. Regards.
IP: n/a

comment [64]

@jfmarque: if it worked on breadboard it should also work on PCB. PCB is OK so you must have soldered something wrong. Check every component!
IP: n/a

comment [63]

Hi Trax I have done my PCB and put all componentes there. I am facing some issues with random digits. if I hold a key number MT8880 detect repeted inputs randomly. Like noise or something.. on bread board this does not happen. any idea??
IP: n/a

comment [62]

Would be nice to have the .hex code for PIC 16F627a. is cheaper than 84A. Do you have an idea if it is so simple like change some config registers? I have done .asm file just changing the device on MPLAB and was sucssesfull, but over the Project did not work. regards.
IP: n/a

comment [61]

;) Thanks... It is working at all!!! regards.
IP: n/a

comment [60]

Great news! Well, the project works like that. It calls all programmed numbers UNTIL someone answers and presses the # key. The # key stops alarm from dialing any more numbers. That's the way every other alarm system work. There is no point in calling other numbers if someone answered and pressed the # key.
IP: n/a

comment [59]

Well. Finally is working. there is something that is not working. I have programmed 2 numbers but the project only dial the first one. 04555abc....*04555def.....*#. only the first one is dialed. I press # from the third party and project returns to "waiting for sensor" and never dial the second number. Do you know why? By the way. I f I put the 1N4148, does not save the numbers. the signal is too low.
IP: n/a

comment [58]

there was a signal improvement using 1-3 and 4-6 (no diodes connected), but led continue ON after each tone.... Does this project work?? :( I mean... I am doing everything well and I can not see results... Led does not turn off after each tone... :( I am using a 9V baterry with 7805.
IP: n/a

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