Electromechanical Nixie Clock

We have seen the propeller nixie clock which was something new, but this nixie clock is really really something else.

There is no microcontroller to keep track of time and no tube multiplexing of any kind. The clock source is derived from a Telechron motor that does one revolution per minute. Seconds are displayed on IN-13 analog neon tube by using a potentiometer attached to the rotor and hours and minutes are produced with specially designed "gears" and PCB masks. This really is a piece of art!

Be sure to check the video after the break.


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...to odavno nisam video, inace su te cevi koristili rusi u vojnoj tehnici, svi brojaci su bili pravljeni sa tim cevima, ne znam da li pise ali da bi tacno radili moraju se ukljuciti pola sata pre pocetka merenja.....

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