Nixie tube propeller clock

Although manufactured more than 30 years ago, nixie tubes are more popular than ever. Nixie tube is an electronic device for displaying mostly numbers and for its operation some 170 V is required. In the tube itself one can find set of numbers (cathodes) that glow with bright orange color because of the gas inside the tube. These days, these tubes are mostly used to build clocks because of it's unique non-boring retro look.

In this project a single-tube clock is made, but with a twist - POV is used to show all digits of clock at the same time. This is the same idea as in rotating POV LED display but instead of LEDs nixie tubes are used. Regardless of the fact that nixie tubes are extremely old technology, we all must agree that nixie tubes are one of nicest electronic components out there!

© Peter Csaszar

[ Source: Peter Csaszar ]

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