Smart scooter battery charger

Scooter battery problems, anyone?

This smart charger automatically starts the charging procedure when battery voltage drops below a certain predefined value and stops after the voltage has risen above the maximum allowed value. Setup can't be easier, just connect two alligator clips to battery terminals and plug the device in mains. This way it can stay connected for months and the battery will never overcharge. This comes very very handy when you have a scooter or a real motorcycle that you don't drive during the winter time.

Because we all know what happens to a battery when not used and especially during the winter.

Charger schematics (forum/RazoR)

[ Source: Elektronika-Forum ]

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Very good scooter battery charger, I think I'll be getting one.

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Really a cool and handy device for all of us. As it would be quite handy for those who have some sort of electric vehicle that run on batteries. It would be a money saver thing for all of, so its a good idea to get it. Thanks for the post.....

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