Lemon battery

You probably know about a battery that can be built by using a lemon (or onion, potato, grape...) and two electrodes of a different type of metals. With that we can only get around 0.5 to 1V.

This battery is made out of 4 cells, weights just 0.85g and can supply power for a bright LED for 60 minutes. The best part of it is that you don't need to carry a lemon around with you. You only need 4 drops of lemon juice and you got your self a 3.5V 35mAh battery.

To make this battery you will need a zinc wire, some copper wire and a paper tissue that will act as a lemon juice storage compartment.

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ODlicno bre

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Da li neko zna semu za pravljenje solarne ploce... Ako zan neka je postavi...
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