How much electric current does your vehicle use?

How much electric current does your vehicle use in its various running states? I bet you have no idea... If you think it is under 150 Amps you can test it with this excellent device.

It is based on Allegro's ACS758xCB (ALLEGRO0758) IC that uses Hall effect to measure current flowing through it's terminals and ATmega8 microcontroller for the brains. According to the Allegro's IC specification, the maximum current that can flow through it is 150 Amps. The ATmega8 reads analog voltage that the sensing IC produces and sends it over RS232 to PC which receives and plots data for later analyzing. Installation of this digital ampere meter is a matter of placing it between the output of the alternator and its connecting wire. The source code is pretty straightforward and it is available for download on the project page.

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