Voice powered crystal controlled radio transmitter

In case you have missed this before (I sure have) here is a radio transmitter that doesn't require any power source. Well, at least not any classic power source like batteries.

This radio transmitter is powered by the operator's voice alone! The speaker connected to the device converts audio signal to low voltage at the end contacts. Naturally, amplitude of the generated voltage corresponds to the amplitude of the speaker's voice, hence making this an amplitude modulated power source. This power source is used to power the high-level DSB modulator/crystal-controlled RF oscillator. The interesting part is that the range of this transmitter is around 160km/100miles!

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comment [9]

Ne znam za predajnik kolikimu je domet jer ga nisam pravio. Prijemnik sa kristalom sam pravio u osnovnoj skoli na casu optetehnickog obrazovanja jos davne 1962.godine. Slusao sam na desetine radio stanica. Narvno sve to bez ikakvog napajanja.

comment [8]

ma vjerovatno greska, mozda 16m, nemoze nikako biti vise...

comment [7]

opa...lijepo! :) kada bi bar bilo istinito!
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comment [6]

mislim da glas ne mogu dati tolko struje za 5mW. A sa 5mW ne mogu pokriti ni 100m a kamo li 160km
IP: n/a

comment [5]

160km ??? Svaka cast....................
IP: n/a

comment [4]

160km svaka cast..

comment [3]

IP: n/a

comment [2]

jesi, 160km! :)
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comment [1]

Jesam ja dobro pročitap...160km??
IP: n/a

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