/Schematics/Radio receivers

Title Short description Rate Download
AM radio receiver AM radio receiver. 2.91 3,050
AM receiver with 1 IC Receiver for AM with one IC. 2.92 2,102
CW detector/monitor Telegraphy receiver. 2.91 842
Cordless phone receiver v1 Very good schematics for cordless telephone receiver 30-50 MHz. 2.98 2,176
Cordless phone receiver v2 Receiver for cordless telephones with a chip from a cordless phone. 2.88 2,391
Crystal radio receiver v1 The simplest radio receiver. 2.89 3,895
Crystal radio receiver v2 Radio receiver without power supply. 2.88 3,154
FM radio with 2 transistors UKW receiver with two transistors for 88-108 MHz. 2.91 6,618
FM receiver Mini FM receiver with TDA7000 IC. 2.89 5,299
FM stereo decoder This device will turn on a signal light if the received signal is stereo. 2.92 1,481
Passive aircraft receiver Aircraft receiver with power supply. 2.83 2,951
RF detector Detects RF signal from 100mV to 80V on input. 2.89 1,306
Radio receiver for 40m band Radio receiver for 40 meters band. 2.92 1,676
Radio receiver for 50 MHz Radio receiver for data reception or just audio reception. 2.93 2,355
Receiver 20 - 90 MHz With this radio receiver you can listen to cordless phone conversations. 2.90 5,210

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