Capacitance meter with ATmega8

It is often required to know the precise capacitance of some capacitor which is in most cases different than the rated value.

This capacitance meter measures capacitance with 1pF resolution and in 1pF to 10000uF (10mF) range. Before initial measurement a calibration should be performed which is than saved in EEPROM of microcontroller. The device is realised on ATmega8 AVR and firmware is written in C which is available for download on the project page.

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eep file? :-) look here: http://pontoppidan.info/lars/index.php?proj=capmeter and read...
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please sent me the hex and eep file to finish my project.

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You need older version of AVR GCC, or some code modifications. There is a discussion about it here: http://www.elektronika.ba/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7016
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Hi all, need assistance, please hex file for the ATmega8. I can not compile. 1boxmsgqw@gmail.com

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