Compact fluorescent lamp schematics

Fluorescent lamps are very popular during these green days, even our Electra is giving them away for free after paying the electric bill.

They usually come in these color temperatures: Warm white (2700K), Cool white (4000K) and Daylight (6000K). Apart from those cheap fluo lamps that you can buy, there are also more expensive, branded ones. On this page, there is a big collection of most popupar (if not all) fluorescent lamps: Bigluz, Isotronic, Luxtek, Maway, Maxilux, Polaris, BrownieX, Philips Ecotone, Ikea, Osram Dulux El, Osram Dulux El, Eurolite and Sinecan 5, so fixing one does make sense when you can easily figure out what's wrong with it!

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Kolekcija shema kompaktnih štednih fluo-sijalica Bookmark and Share Comments (0)

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