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Measures temperature (for bikes) with LM3914, NTC resistor and 10 LEDs for display.

Quote: "Many motorcycles have no temperature gauge which means that their riders have to guess whether the engine is hot, cold or warm by putting their hand on or near the engine. This circuit takes this guesswork away. It uses a linear voltmeter IC which drives a display of ten LEDs in a bar-mode or dot-mode."

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Date: 21-03-2004

Lokalna verzija ove stranice: Mjerač temperature sa NTC-om


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p1 ti je potenciometar (promenljivi otpornik) a r1 je termistor ili ti NTC otpornik koji menja svoju otpornost u zavisnosti od temperature.
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Ne kužim kaj je p1 On english what is the P1 and what is r1 please tell me IP:

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