Title Short description Rate Download
10 minute timer 10 minute timer with NE555. 2.83 5,033
Darkroom timer for PCB exposure Excellent darkroom timer for PCB exposure based on ATtiny2313 and 7-seg. LED displays. 2.90 4,676
Delayed switch A simple delayed switch. 2.87 3,441
Digital stopwatch Digital stopwatch. 2.87 3,761
Digital timer ON-OFF or OFF-ON timer with time period choice. 2.86 7,578
Fast turned-on/delayed-off relay Fast switch with delayed off. 2.79 3,001
Long delay generator Uses binary counter and low frequency osc., it can make a few hours delay. 2.88 991
Programmable time switch Programmable time switch. 2.81 5,678
Three timers Three timer circuits. 2.96 7,058
Time switch Time switch. 2.87 6,916


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