Title Short description Rate Download
Digital timer ON-OFF or OFF-ON timer with time period choice. 2.87 7,669
Three timers Three timer circuits. 2.95 7,124
Time switch Time switch. 2.87 6,988
Programmable time switch Programmable time switch. 2.82 5,751
10 minute timer 10 minute timer with NE555. 2.84 5,128
Darkroom timer for PCB exposure Excellent darkroom timer for PCB exposure based on ATtiny2313 and 7-seg. LED displays. 2.91 4,821
Digital stopwatch Digital stopwatch. 2.88 3,792
Delayed switch A simple delayed switch. 2.89 3,501
Fast turned-on/delayed-off relay Fast switch with delayed off. 2.82 3,045
Long delay generator Uses binary counter and low frequency osc., it can make a few hours delay. 2.87 1,006


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