Title Short description Rate Download
PDU format of SMS Sending SMS messages, PDU format, protocol, characteristics. 2.83 4,833
Photo etch circuit board process This article goes through the steps required to photo etch your own copper clad circuit boards. 2.84 4,308
Planar process Lection from high-school, planar process, manufacturing of semiconductors. 2.74 1,426
Power measurement mW-dBm Measurement (relation) of power in W and gain in dB. 2.85 2,937
Power rectifiers Document about basic power rectifiers. 2.90 8,424
RC circuit Basic RC circuit. 2.86 8,321
RC circuit - examples Examples of basic RC circuit exercises. 3.00 2,332
Radio broadcast bands Frequencies of radio broadcasting bands. 2.84 1,835
Radio frequency Receivers, even a schematic diagram of receiver for 2m (144 MHz). 2.76 2,600
Radio transmitters All about radio transmitters with schematics of some transmitters. 2.88 4,980
SMD codebook SMD - SMT components table and replacements. 2.85 5,463
Specifications of common transistors Specifications of common and popular transistors 2.80 3,468
Transistor as a switch Using transistor as a switch. 2.79 6,872
Transistor as an amplifier Using transistor as an amplifier. 2.85 4,760
Transistor packages Transistor packages with pictures and pinouts. 2.86 4,766

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