Title Short description Rate Download
RC circuit - examples Examples of basic RC circuit exercises. 3.02 2,385
Electric installations and lighting handbook Electric installations and lighting handbook by Amir Halep. 2.93 10,983
Power rectifiers Document about basic power rectifiers. 2.92 8,447
Tranzistors basics This guide is about transistor basics. For beginners in electronics and for those who have forgotten a few things. 2.92 6,922
Introduction to PIC microcontrollers PIC microcontrollers (just basics). 2.91 7,993
Radio transmitters All about radio transmitters with schematics of some transmitters. 2.89 4,987
Connecting Nokia to F-BUS F-BUS specifications and connecting Nokia to PC. 2.89 2,226
Transistor packages Transistor packages with pictures and pinouts. 2.88 4,782
Connectors Pictures and types of most common connectors. 2.88 5,901
SMD codebook SMD - SMT components table and replacements. 2.88 5,505
RC circuit Basic RC circuit. 2.88 8,598
Communication lines Types and graduations of communication lines. 2.88 2,762
GSM AT commands AT commands for Siemens (S25). Commands are identical to most other GSM phones. 2.88 8,496
Transistor as an amplifier Using transistor as an amplifier. 2.87 4,778
ADSL info Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. 2.87 5,189

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