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Inductive Loop Detector works by detecting an inductance change in wire loop (coil) that is buried in road. It does that by measuring the frequency of the internal oscillator which powers the mentioned coil. When a metallic object moves over the coil it changes its inductance and that in turn changes the oscillator frequency which is measured by the microcontroller.

It is used for vehicle access control at door and barrier controls, for monitoring the occupancy and for vehicle counting in parking garages, traffic light installations and traffic controllers, direction and speed detection of vehicle traffic (if dual channel version is used), in car-wash plants, etc.


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Induktivna petlja za detekciju vozila - projekt objavljen Bookmark and Share Comments (4)

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Yes, project is available by clicking on the project photo above, or the link under it. :-) There are also PCBs available for purchase now at the same link.
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Just wondering if the project is still available anywhere? I'd be very keen to build my own! Thanks!!

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I am glad you like it. You can get PCBs done at seeedstudio.com!
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Hello!! This looks like awesome project to build. You have done amazing job in putting together entire project with details. Thanks a lot....I have been building small things using arduino kit. Have never got any PCB manufactured. Could you kindly suggest where/how can I get PCB done? Best wishes!

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