Wireless voltage detector circuit

This is one extremely simple wireless voltage detector circuit.

Although it is probably not very smart to use it as voltage probe it can still be used to detect high voltage presence in wires and also as a touch operated switch. The LED can be replaced with a relay to turn on and off some device (but only while there is something to detect). The circuit is very simple and it consists of only 3 transistors, 3 resistors, 1 LED and a 9V battery. This is actually a high gain Darlington transistor and the probe is a small piece of copper or a wire that will detect almost anything.

Check out the video after the break.

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Detektor bas fino radi mogu se koristiti i tranzistori BC548b

comment [2]

radi probao ja .. moze da se koristi i 2n3904 za tranzistore i mogu priblizne vrednosti za otpornike

comment [1]

Uopste ne radi kako treba . Vise detektuje dodir, nego napon .

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