New version of Protostack AVR board

This week Protostack released version 1.5 of their AVR development board. Like the previous version that we reviewed back in January, this one comes with a range of improvements... 6 in fact.

The power supply section has been updated to support voltage regulators with Input/Ground/Output pinouts and Ground/Output/Input pinouts. This is achieved by using 4 plated through holes (I G O I) and a strange looking figure of 8 shaped mounting hole. The new power supply block also includes a diode and resettable fuse to protect against reverse polarity and over current.

With better port labelling, a bigger dual row block and better labelling for a CR2032 battery connector, this improves what was already an excellent development board.

The board is available on its own for $9.60 or as part of an ATMEGA168 Development Kit for $19.80.



[ Source: Protostack ]

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Class: On 12/12 we’re going to be rnuning a microcontroller class for hacking on AVR chips. Want a rubicks cube robot, and Programmable RFID chip, or a touchscreen picture frame, AVR

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