The Decision Maker - fun microcontroller project

Now this looks like a fun project to build and to use. You can use it on daily basis which is not recommended, or just in those mind-splitting situations.

While the traditional Magic 8 Ball gives you more answers which you can interpret however you like, this machine is straightforward - the answer is either yes or no. It is based on PICaxe 08M microcontroller which has internal A/D converter, but with source-code included it can easily be translated to PICBasic. The sensors are touch-sensitive copper plates - two coins actually, and when touched the current passes through your fingers or the entire body if more than one person is looking for the "universal" answer. The PIC reads the A/D value and randomizes two LEDs giving out a random result after the sensor is released.

© Chris the Carpenter

[ Source: Chris the Carpenter @ GadgetGangster ]

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