LIDAR gun tester with Arduino

LIDAR is a device that police uses to measure speed of vehicles. Lidar detector is a device that we use to detect those lidars and lower our speed before it is too late.

We don't know if our lidar detector works before police hits us with their lidar signal so it is a good practice to test it out once in a while. This can be done by reproducing the same IR impulse that lidar is sending and that's just an impulse of certain frequency. This lidar tester or lidar simulator can do just that and since there are many lidars with different frequencies, this device can simulate many of them including: Jenoptik Laveg, Jenoptik LaserPatrol, Kustom Prolaser 1, Kustom Prolaser 2, Kustom Prolaser 3, Kustom ProLite, Laser Atlanta, Stalker LZ-1, Ultralyte 100/200 LR Revision 1, Ultralyte 100/200 LR Revision 2 and Ultralyte Non-LR.

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