Coating electronics in clear polyester resin

No project is complete until it is placed in a project box (this automatically means that most of my projects are actually not completed, but never mind that).

So here we can see Arduino board with led dot-display (this is actually a twitter scroller) which was placed in a mold and polyester resin was poured into it, onto the electronics. This is a very good way of packaging electronic devices especially when we want to protect our work from copying. In that case, resin should be black and it would be very hard to get to the PCB without damaging the components. By the way, happy Friday the 13th to all of you paraskevidekatriaphobics.


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Fabulous work. Obviously it was new to hear this coating electronics in clear polyester resin.

comment [6]

Kakva je cijena ovog epoksina?
IP: n/a

comment [5]

Super fora inace tako i radim. Epoksi mozes kupiti u BG MODEL SHOP-u.

comment [4]

U Beogradu u Galenici (oni prave klirit) imas "tecni klirit" iliti "klirofix". To je dvokomponentni "tecni klirit". Jedna komponenta je kao redak sirup, bezbojna, mada mislim da moze da se naruci i obojen, a druga komponenta je "beli prasak". Kada se pomesaju posle par sati se masa stegne i postane cvrst klirit. Cena za 1Kg je 1700din ( oko 18 EUR )

comment [3]

A gdje kupit ovaj epoksin????? U BiH ili u RH.... Zna li iko?

comment [2]

Licno koristim paket za popravku plasticnih camaca, a boja se posebno se kupuje. Odstraniti..... moguce !

comment [1]

Pa ovo izgleda zanimljivo... Koliko dodje taj epoksin???
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