Spectrum analyzer for 2.4 GHz band

The spectrum analyzer can be described as a frequency-selective, peak-responding voltmeter calibrated to display the magnitude of an input signal. Spectrum analyzer is not a power meter, even though it can be used to display power levels. In RF (telecommunications) spectrum analyzers are used to determine occupied bandwidth and track interference sources.

Spectrum analyzers are not cheap devices and here we will see a DIY RF spectrum analyzer for 2.4 GHz. It is based on Cypress CYWUSB6935 RF radio-module for 2.4 GHz which has one key component: internal RSSI meter (registers) that measure receiving signal's strength on selected frequency. This chip is directly connected to LPT port of a PC that runs plotting software that is built in Qt so it is available for both Linux and Windows. This is very useful tool to test WiFi channel occupation!

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I think it is time we start making our own spectrum analyzers for hobbyist use!
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Having spectrum analyzers is not that easy. In order to have one, better go to any spectrum analyzers rental stores to avail one.

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