SPI interfaced large 7-seg led display

This is the general purpose extra large (but doesn't have to be) DIY 7-segment LED display that can be interfaced to any microcontroller.

This project is really easy to build and at the end has only three wires to receive data from uC. It doesn't contain microcontroller itself, but is built around serial-in-parallel out shift register 74HC595 for each digit. Segments are switched by ULN2003 transistor array and LEDs in each segment are connected in series to consume less current. Number of possible digits in display is not limited!

© Wichit Sirichote

Alternative URL: bit.ly/224PXw4

[ Source: Wichit Sirichote ]

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Ja ga upravo kliknuo i otvara bez problema. Vjerovatno je nesto do tebe.
IP: n/a

comment [4]

http://bit.ly/224PXw4 ne otvara ovaj link
IP: n/a

comment [3]

Evo alternativni URL: http://bit.ly/224PXw4
IP: n/a

comment [2]

kako da skinem ovu stvar?
IP: n/a

comment [1]

super stvar!

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